Are You Covered if an Employee Gets Hurt?

Find out about workers’ compensation insurance in Nashville, or Clarksville, TN

Are your company’s assets protected in case someone is injured on the job? The Kimeo Smith Agency will make sure your business is covered by a workers’ compensation policy.

In Tennessee, your company must have at least two employees for you to purchase workers’ comp insurance. As the owner, you can be one of the two. These policies are essential in case someone gets hurt on the job and can’t do their daily work or otherwise earn a living.

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3 reasons to get workers’ compensation insurance

Unless your business is making money hand over fist—and, frankly, even if it is—it makes sense to pay a little for insurance that can protect your business investment. A workers’ compensation policy provides you with:

  • The assistance your employees require
  • Protection for your company’s assets
  • Personal peace of mind

The state sets the rate for workers’ compensation insurance, but you can receive a discount when it’s bundled with other insurance. Make sure your company is protected by calling a local insurance agent at the Kimeo Smith Agency.