Take Control Over Your Insurance Benefits

Take Control Over Your Insurance Benefits

Purchase variable life insurance in Nashville & Clarksville TN

If you want the security of a permanent life insurance plan and the ability to allocate portions of the premium you pay to separate accounts, consider a variable life insurance policy from the Kimeo Smith Agency.

A variable life insurance policy is more expensive than term life insurance because it allows you to put funds in stocks, bonds, equity funds and money market funds.
Once of the other big differences between variable life insurance and other polices is the ability to increase or decrease premiums based on your financial needs.

Get more information about the benefits and pitfalls of variable life insurance from the Kimeo Smith Agency in Nashville & Clarksville TN.

Our friendly staff is ready to find your perfect policy

We know buying an insurance plan can be stressful. That’s why we’re committed to putting your mind at ease by fully explaining all of your insurance options.

Our agents have the skills and experience to connect you with the best policy for you. In addition to variable life insurance plans, we also offer home, auto, whole life and term life insurance.

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